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Introducing Potter's Pantry Pickled Products!


Potter’s Pantry was created in 2013. My love of Bread & Butter pickles is what began this company. My Mom, Sandy made the best Bread & Butter pickles and after she passed away in 1995, I found myself craving them. I tried many recipes and after numerous failed attempts, it made me more eager to find the right flavors and then finally, I nailed it! I passed out many jars to family and friends and ran taste tests and the response was overwhelming. Everyone LOVED them!

Following the bread & butter pickles, came the dill pickles. People were wanting a crisp dill pickle where the flavor of the dill and just the right amount of garlic with a kick of vinegar popped out at you! Now, this is our best seller!

With these two varieties, we launched Potter’s Pantry. We listened to our customers who were telling us that they wanted something hot, so I flavored them with jalapenos creating Hot Pickle Slices. Some wanted hotter yet, so I added habanero`s that gave them the kick that they needed and that is where we created Inferno Pickle Slices.

Whatever flavor you seek, one of these top four varieties are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

- Tina Potter, 2015